OAG have earned a reputation for our quality, productivity and innovation in the pipeline industry. To enhance current established services, OAG has launched Automatic Welding System adhering to the same high level of quality services that we provide in other sectors to our valued Clients.

Our welding division, OAG-ARCS is gearing up to provide Pipeline Welding Solution plan, manage and deliver fully integrated welding solutions for both onshore and offshore projects in the most challenging environments and extreme conditions.

OAG`s vision on Welding is to be an international welding service company sought by many International Contractors by bringing together state-of-the-art technology, outstanding service, welding excellence, expertise in fabrication, and production line management for automatic pipeline welding.

OAG provides a tailor made package of equipment, welding services support and management that meet each client’s specific requirements as well as develops, provides and test all WPQT requirements for onshore and offshore operations.







The OAG-ARCS AWS is a dual torch multi process bug and band system. It is a heavy duty, compact, orbital pipe welding assembly. Two symmetrical welding machines (starboard / portside) is located on both side of the unwelded joint. The dual torch processes almost doubles the rate of metal deposition; hence the highest production rates can be achieved with a reduced number of stations. OAG-ARCS AWS bug can be used on diameters from 8” to 72”. For diameters 36” and above, 3 or 4 bugs can be deployed at the same time.

All the welding passes are deposited from the outside of the pipe, using the same shielding gas throughout the area and since all the OAG-ARCS AWS bugs are being identical, any welding station can complete a weld from root to cap. OAG-ARCS AWS equipment typically utilizes the Pulsed Gas Metal Arc welding (GMAW-P). In addition, when required for special application of Open Root welding and Corrosion Resistance Alloy (CRA) welding, the automated Surface Tension Transfer (STT) mode would be utilized.




For a high tolerance requirement for the narrow gap bevels, the PFM with the HPU are mobilized on all our welding projects. OAG PFM powered by HPU delivers those tight tolerances (=/- 0.1mm) benefiting the quality and productivity of the pipeline. PFM ranges from 6” ~ 64”, typically uses 2 PFM on both sides of the pipe and have a cycle time of 3 to 5 minutes. In addition to the bevel preparation for the OAG-Arcs welding system, the PFM is also utilized for below operations such as:

  • For Manual / Semi Auto pipeline welding utilizing “V” or compound bevel design giving a perfect bevels for welding to maximize quality and minimize repairs
  • To reduce wall thickness of adjacent pipe during transition weld for different wall thickness up to 150mm length internally.





OAG ILUC is to align two pipes internally for welding (with or without copper shoe). They are designed and built for high standards and are extremely robust for both onshore and offshore conditions. The ILUC is operated pneumatically with the heads lining up the pipes with different wall thickness within the specified range of the clamp. The Line Up Clamps are self propelled, travels through the pipe to the next joint, and adequate air in the reserve tank assures a smooth line-up operation for the next joint. It has the option to modify existing wheels to suit the internal coating.