We provide specialized application services and supply a full range of high performance from various types of Heat Shrink Sleeve (HSS) or stand-alone Liquid Epoxy or Fusion Bonded Epoxy that are suitable for offshore pipelines, water supply projects as well as onshore pipelines.

Heat Shrink SLEEVE (HSS)

As the principal distributor of Cheray Polymer range of Heat Shrinkable products, OAG is able to offer the best overall package in Field Joint Coating in terms of quality, costing and delivery time.

Applied over field joints, it is used as an anticorrosion protection on the welded girth of pipeline or bends. Our personnel are well trained to provide these applications in offshore and onshore environment or in fabrication yards.



  • Offshore Gas and Oil Crude Pipelines
  • Onshore Pipelines
  • Water Supply Pipelines
  • Buried Pipelines

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Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) coATING


Field weld area is grit blasted using Closed Circuit Blasting System & heated with Induction Heating System before the application of FBE powder. FBE powder is applied using a static charge equilibrium concept ensuring all surfaces to be coated evenly and thoroughly.