Radiography Test

Majority of the welding works on pipes require a radiographic examination of the weld. RT is performed to inspect the quality of the weld and ensuring that the weld is free from voids or foreign material inclusion which will compromise the strength and integrity of the weld. The flaw can be observed on the film where the radiographic image is recorded, similar to the medical X-Ray image.

OAG prides itself in training (in-house) its technician, to international standards. Our technicians are trained by highly experienced Level-III staff engineers who have combined experiences of more than 20 years in the industry. There are currently one ASNT Level-III staff engineer at OAG Head Office.

OAG technicians are highly experienced in the use of Ir-192, Se-75 and Co-60 sources as well as the X-Ray tubes. Our safety performance, especially in the operation of radioactive sources is highly rated and has enabled OAG to become the preferred NDT contractor for radiography works especially in high profile area.