Infill Coating

High Density Polyurethane Foam (HDPUF) In-Fill

OAG is a specialist for the application of High Density Polyurethane Foam (HDPUF) for pipeline field joint in-fill. The product is made up of two liquid chemical systems i.e. Polyol and Isocyanate; with a wide range of formulation that can cater to different applications and requirements (Density, Open Cell System, Closed Cell System) of field joint coating. OAG utilizes its in-house HDPUF material under the label of GARD + ® which has been successfully used for most of OAG’s projects completed worldwide.

Open Cell System

A type of rigid high density polyurethane foam that offers mechanical protection to the pipeline welding joint and with open cell content of at least 80%, it can be formulated customarily according to Client’s specifications. With the open cell system that meets the general specification required by the industry, it ensures neutral buoyancy on the pipeline when it is finally submerged under water upon installation.

Closed Cell System

A type of system used mainly in pipeline where insulation is required. It helps to maintain a consistent temperature of the pipeline; which suit the criterias in flow assurance. The closed cell type of HDPUF is also popularly used in Buoy application, being competitive in cost as well as easy handling as compared to other methods such as airbags or pressurized metal tanks.





This SPU elastomer is an excellent material suitable for the pipeline which requires both thermal insulation and mechanical protection properties. SPU is also well suited for deep sea pipelines with harsh conditions or high pressured environment.