Surface Preparation


The importance of Surface Preparation to the required finishing, be it in application of anti-corrosion material such as Heat Shrink Sleeve, Liquid Epoxy or Fusion Bonded Epoxy; Grit Blasting is an important but tedious process of preparing a clean surface and profile based on the coating specifications of Sa 2.5 or higher. OAG understands the concern of many Offshore Contractors on the impact of cycle time when operating such system and thus have introduced our High Speed Automatic Closed Circuit Blasting System, capable of a cycle time within 2 minutes per joint on a typical 18” joint.

This High Speed Automatic Closed Circuit Blasting System is made compact together with its sophisticated recoverable equipment; consisting of a blasting pot, driven by dry compressed air that will power the abrasive medium through the enclosed twin blasting head, mounted opposite of each other, on a specially customised automatic revolving frame. The recovered abrasive and dust will be then filtered and separated into another chamber. This vacuum recovery system of the Closed Circuit Blasting System allows more efficient use of blasting medium as well as providing an environment where other activities can be carried out safely within close proximity.




Induction Heating System is the most efficient and safe way to preheat or post heat bare or coated pipe surface as compared to other methods. This system enables fast and even heating without damaging the Client’s pipe anti-corrosion / parent coating at the same time shortens the duration of Field Joint Coating’s scope. The system consist of Clamp type frames for easy mounting and dismounting; works with an Induction Heating Control Set ranging from 80kv to 200kv, depending on the pipe sizes.

The system is specially designed for offshore use, whereby the whole structure is made of robust material that can withstand the tough and rough offshore environment.